Since 2003, we have been dedicated to providing high-quality courses tailored for adult learners in Mozambique. Our expertise spans the fields of English language and management.

With years of experience and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and excellence, we have consistently refined and adapted our courses to better serve our primarily employed professional students. Our goal is to empower them to efficiently acquire the essential skills defined by international standards in the shortest possible timeframe, all facilitated by cutting-edge teaching methodologies.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)


  • International Diploma in Business (CIDB)

Teacher Training

  • International Diploma for Teachers (CIDT)


    1. Hello Mr. Muronda, thank you for your interest in our services. We send you more information about our training programs via email.

  1. I am very interested for level 5, but I’ve been very busy, I start at 7.30 in Matola till 15.30 and I have had lesson for muster degree at 17.30. Have you any way to help me, please?

    1. Hello Mr. Matusse, thank you for your interest in our courses. We will get in touch with you via email.

  2. 1. what type of diploma or certificate do you give at the end of the course to your students or graduates? TOEFL
    2. in case that I need to seat the exam and have a diploma or certificate for the last level How much it will cost? .

  3. Hello Mr. Manhique, thank you for your interest in our courses. We will get in touch with you via email.

  4. Hi, could you kindly provide me any information regarding your lessons schedule and prices? And more, if i wish to initiate at the intermediate level, which steps will I have to follow first to make it?

    1. Hello Mr. Sombreiro, thank you for your interest in our services. We send you more information about our training programs via email.

  5. Hi sir. I’m holder of banking and finance honors degree and English speaker seeking lectureship job in your college. I’m kindly requesting for information on your application process. Thanks.

  6. Bom dia. Como principiante, gostei de ter participado nas aulas, pelo facto de ter sido bem acompanhada pelo professor e sentir que aprendi e melhorei o pouco que ja sabia.

  7. As matérias são muito abrangentes e muito satisfatórias para o nivel de aprendizagem. O professor mostrou-se sempre muito disposto e disponivel a esclarecer duvidas de forma interactiva com os estudantes.
    Meus parabens!

    1. Olá Sr. Abu, estamos satisfeitos por alcançar o vosso objectivo de aprendizagem, e agradeçemos pela satisfação em nossos programas de formação.

  8. The subjects were very comprehensive and very satisfactory for the level of learning. The teacher was always very willing and available to answer questions interactively with me and I am very grateful to the school for having sent a foreign teacher, as there was never any conversation in Portuguese.

    1. Hello Mrs. Bercia, we are grateful for your satisfaction in our training programs, which is why we strive to the best services.

  9. I’m really intrested in taking any programs in English please send me your information

  10. I am a Diploma in Education holder and did CELTA.I want to join your team as an English teacher to speakers from other other languages.

    Please assist me to join

  11. Good afternoon. May you please give more information about your english programe? I would like to know more about the prices, schedule and location.

    1. Bom dia,
      Durante a pandemia do Covid19 estão suspensos todos nossos cursos para particulares.
      Neste momento só oferecemos programas institucionais, isto é, cursos para instituições.
      Quando darmos continuidade aos programas para estudantes particulares, deixaremos ficar um aviso na nossa página.
      IEC Administration

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