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Elevate Your Business Communication: IEC’s Business English Programme

Does clear and confident English communication hinder your organization’s success, or limit your career advancement? International English College’s Business English programme empowers both individuals and institutions to achieve fluency and navigate the global business landscape with ease.

Invest in Your Workforce:

  • Equip your employees with the essential English skills needed for effective communication in today’s international marketplace.
  • Boost team collaboration and productivity by fostering clear and confident interactions across departments and with international partners.
  • Enhance your organization’s competitive edge by ensuring your team can successfully communicate with clients and colleagues worldwide.

Empower Your Employees:

  • Develop strong communication skills in a variety of business settings, from meetings and presentations to negotiations and emails.
  • Gain fluency and accuracy to express yourself clearly and confidently, minimizing grammatical errors.
  • Improve all-encompassing language proficiency by strengthening listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar skills.

A Tailored Learning Solution:

We understand the unique needs of both institutions and individual learners. Our program utilizes the highly-regarded Market Leader curriculum, adapted to the specific learning styles and business contexts relevant to Mozambican professionals.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • State-of-the-art teaching techniques and facilities: Engage your employees or yourself with interactive learning methods and modern resources.
  • Qualified and experienced instructors: Benefit from the expertise of dedicated teachers who understand the goals of both individuals and organizations.
  • Fast-paced, efficient learning: Achieve fluency and communication mastery in the shortest possible timeframe.

General English Executive Programme

Our Business English Executive Course is specifically designed to accommodate high-level executives, CEOs, directors, and other key personnel who seek to improve their English language skills without compromising their work commitments. The Executive Course provides personalized instruction, with each student paired with a dedicated teacher to address their specific training needs effectively.

Click here to explore the advantages of our Executive Courses.

Ready to unlock the power of clear English communication? Contact International English College today to discuss how our Business English program can benefit your organization and its employees!


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