About IEC

International English College (IEC) has been a pioneer in professional training since its establishment in 2003 as an official center of the University of Cambridge in Mozambique, licensed under No. 290 by the Ministry of Education.

At IEC, we pride ourselves on being more than just a school; we are a dynamic hub of customized training solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each institution. Our specialized programs are meticulously tailored to address the specific requirements of businesses and organizations, ensuring that our clients receive training that directly aligns with their goals and objectives. Moreover, we offer personalized on-site and online courses specifically designed for managers, executives, and small groups of key personnel, recognizing the constraints of busy schedules and the importance of flexible learning options.

Our portfolio includes a diverse range of professional courses, encompassing General English Language, English Language for Professional Purposes, Business and Project Management, and more.

Our distinguished teaching department comprises university-educated teachers hailing from internationally renowned institutions and native English speakers. Their expertise is coupled with a commitment to delivering high-quality education that adheres to the curriculum and standards endorsed by the University of Cambridge.

At IEC, we are committed to continuously evolving and enhancing our pedagogical methodologies, enabling us to remain responsive to the ever-changing needs of our students and clients. With over twenty years of experience in the training industry in Mozambique, we have developed a profound understanding of the challenges associated with applying the English language in a professional context.

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