Our ongoing investment in high-quality teaching and learning facilities as well as in the application of the latest didactic developments ensures our academic staff and students can achieve their full potential. The aim is helping to create an intellectually stimulating environment where people thrive.


We care about methodology in the scientific sense, i.e. the study and application of pedagogical practices in general including theoretical underpinnings and related research. Making use of our scientific competences in the field of education, we use and continuously amend our didactic programmes to facilitate best learning environments. At the heart of our methodological approach stands Student-Centred Learning: putting students first, which is in stark contrast to existing establishment/teacher-centred lecturing. Student-Centred Learning is focused on the student’s needs, abilities, interests, and learning styles with the teacher as a facilitator of learning.


All our teachers are highly qualified, holders of a university degree, and in addition, they are university trained as professional teachers. Our language teachers studied in English speaking countries.

Members of IEC’s teaching body are permanently employed to ensure a vast teaching experience and further development through the participation in the IEC’s teacher development programme. It consists of periodical staff development training sessions, where our teachers are updated on new developments in pedagogy and didactics and share ideas on how best to deal with the students’ needs.

Teaching facilities

In 2009 we moved into our new school building in the Central District of Maputo that was designed and constructed solely for training purposes offering state of the art teaching and learning facilities to our students. Classrooms are comfortably furnished, extremely spacious and all equipped with modern air conditioning systems.


Our classrooms are equipped with modern teaching devises like TVs, videos and radios. Particularly beneficial for language training efficiency are the IEC’s audio-labs with their wireless headphones.