Financial English

The Financial English Language Course (FELC) is for individuals who are keen to improve their ability to communicate in and understand financial English. For busy professionals, who have already established themselves in their career, completing the FELC course can provide the opportunity to practice and improve existing English language skills in the context of their day-to-day work.

The FELC programme is for individuals whose first language is not English and who need to use financial English in order to perform effectively in business situations. It comprehensively develops ability across the four skill areas of reading, writing, listening and speaking.


Our Financial English Course aims at providing a wide range of financial settings and solutions in which students can practise and improve communication skills in English so that they become more confident, more fluent, and more accurate.

The aims of FELC:

  • to facilitate students’ ability to operate in English in an international finance and accounting environment
  • to enable students to demonstrate their ability to communicate in English with clients and colleagues in the context of finance and accounting
  • to allow students to improve their ability to follow a course of study in finance and accountancy where the instruction is in English
  • to have a positive and beneficial impact on the content and delivery of English language training courses for finance and accounting professionals

FELC Standard Level and its topics

The following list is an illustration of some of the topic areas featured in the FELC programme:

Financial English Executive Programme

To ensure maximal teaching impact and learning progress without missing lessons due to work commitments we offer Executive courses. In a most personalised course, one teacher is assigned to only one student to deal with his particular training needs.

Please contact us for further information or ask for the FELC Executive info sheet.