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CIDB Standard Level - Contents


  Module   Objectives
  Students should be able to:
  1. Business Organization and
  • Understand and describe the features and purposes of business organisations
  • Investigate and explain the internal structure of a business organisation
  • Demonstrate awareness of the elements of employment
  • Examine the influences of the environment on business organisations
  • Explain the importance of markets and customers
  2. Effective Business        Communication
  • Understand and appreciate the business communication process
  • Produce and understand effective written business documentation
  • Examine effective group communication
  • Investigate interviews as an effective means of communication
  • Identify and understand the use of visual aids in business communication
  3. Business Finance
  • Understand the importance and use of finance in different types of business organisation
  • Describe the need for and use of financial procedures and reporting
  • Identify and explain the need for and use of financial, management and cost accounting methods
  • Understand and describe the elements of accounts and accounting records
  • Demonstrate the application of basic accounting techniques
 4. Marketing
  • Understand and describe the purposes and functions of a marketing culture
  • Investigate and explain the reasons for, and use of, marketing research for business decisions
  • Understand how to identify customer needs and target segments
  • Understand and explain the meaning and use of the marketing planning process
  • Explain and apply the marketing mix to a product or service
 5. Human Resource       Management
  • Understand the meaning, purpose and organisation of Human Resource Management
  • Investigate the employment market and the frameworks within which organisations manage people
  • Describe how organisations meet their human resource needs
  • Describe the methods used to enable individuals and groups to work together effectively and overcome conflict
  • Understand how organisations reward, motivate and develop employees


CIDB Results and Certification