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Cambridge International Diploma in Business (CIDB)


The International Diploma in Business provides a framework for developing the skills and knowledge needed for employment in the increasingly dynamic business environment. These awards have been developed specifically for the international market, recognizing the growing importance of employees working across geographic and cultural borders. The awards aim to meet the needs of employers, employees and students, by assessing knowledge and competence in a range of Business areas.

As industry becomes more and more competitive, the Diploma allows you to have your skills assessed and formally accredited and provides you with proof of your level of knowledge and competence.

The Cambridge International Diploma in Business:

  • is valued and accepted throughout the world for its high standards of assessment
  • is delivered worldwide through a network of authorized schools, colleges and training providers
  • has been developed by Cambridge in close association with leaders in the field to ensure that it is both relevant and accurate
  • was created with an international audience in mind so that globally accepted best practice can be taught while being sensitive to a local context and environment


The standards embodied in the Cambridge International Diploma in Business are valued in countries around the word. University of Cambridge International Examinations qualifications are taken in over 150 different countries and are recognised by universities, education providers and employers across the globe.

To be awarded the Cambridge International Diploma in Business it is necessary to pass all the core modules and two optional modules.




Module Description Type Duration
1 Business Organization and Environment Core 40 hours
2 Effetive Business Communication Core 40 hours
3 Business Finance Optional 40 hours
4 Marketing Optional 40 hours
5 Human Resource Management Optional 40 hours


Examination information
The modules of the CIDB are assessed under examination conditions, usually in May and October each year.

Further information
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CIDB Standard Level - Contents

CIDB Results and Certification