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Business English Language Course (BELC)


Business English simply means English, which is used in business contexts.


Our Business English Courses aim at providing a wide range of business settings and solutions in which students can practise and improve communication skills in English so that they become more confident, more fluent, and more accurate. Furthermore, Business English Courses direct towards developing and teaching all four skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as grammar.

Who is it for?

The Business English programme is a flexible training for managers and personnel in operations and planning, finance, business administration, international business and export, marketing and sales as well as human resource management in both private companies and public institutions, who need to use English in their day to day work. It is also designed to be used by adult students who are venturing into the world of business as well as currently studying these subjects.



Level Description Course Duration
1 Standard Level 90 hours
2 Intermediate 120 hours
3 Upper Intermediate 120 hours
4 Advanced 120 hours


For more information about our BELC programme please contact us.


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BELC Executive Programme

To ensure maximal teaching impact and learning progress without missing lessons due to work commitments we offer Executive courses. In a most personalised course, one teacher is assigned to only one student to deal with his particular training needs.

Please contact us for further information or ask for the BELC Executive info sheet:  

BELC Standard Level - Contents